We now proudly offer a FULL BAR! Order from our nearly 75 beer, wine or spirits selections!

How old do you have to be in order to attend one of the shows?
Unless otherwise noted, you must be 17 or older to attend a show, 21 or older to drink. No matter what, if you're over 17, you can come!

What are the show times every week?
Our open mic is Thursday at 8pm and professional shows are Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm & 9:15.

Do you serve food before or during the shows?
Of course! We have a full menu that includes something for everyone- appetizers, sandwiches, meals, desserts- we've got it all! Try a famous Comedy Attic Electric Root Beer Float!

How can I sign up for our Open Mic?
You can contact us at comedyattic@gmail.com

What is a two-item minimum policy?

All reputable comedy venues of any kind have a minimum purchase policy.

In order to ensure our ability to bring the best comedians in the country to Bloomington, we ask that you respect our two item minimum policy.

Ours is a minimally invasive as possible because we allow you to order food as part of your minimum, as opposed to a two drink-only minimum.

This can include any combination of nearly 100 choices of food or drink items.

A charge equal to the two least expensive items on the menu will be added to your bill if you are unable to find a combination of two items.

Can The Comedy Attic be rented for private events, parties, or comedy shows?
Absolutely. You can rent out an entire show that we already have booked, have you company's party or gathering here, or rent out the room for just about any other reason.

I see you offer punch cards. When can they be used?

The rules for using passes changes each week depending on the contracts of each week's shows. Please email jared@comedyattic.com or call 812-336-5233 as early in the week as you want to use them as possible.